I’m Saadiya, a London based copywriter, editor and proofreader with over 7 years proofreading & editing experience and 3 years of content writing experience.

I write, create and edit texts for a range of audiences.

If you need creative, clear & engaging content for your project, or a natural editor and proofreader, then get in touch and I’ll get started.

See here for a full list of my services.

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Since studying for a degree in Law and a Masters in International Relations, I have provided proofreading and editorial services both professionally and to family & friends for over 7 years.

Area of expertise

Having worked within communications in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors, I have a key understanding on the importance of content, campaigns and engagement in reaching target audiences everywhere.

I also have a keen interest in editing and proofreading text for non-native English speakers. I can help you to articulate your thoughts, ideas and feelings, paying particular attention to grammar, sentence structure and spelling.


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Providing essential copy for product descriptions, website copy and other creative content.

Editing and proofreading

Providing critical edits of your manuscript, essay, web/social content or bio pages.

Blogs and articles

Managing an online community of interested and engaged members through social media content plans and blog posts/articles for a range of audiences.

Digital content for website and social

Social audits and recommendations to ensure that your website and social channels leave readers wanting to connect.

Print (brochures)

Briefing design and redesigns of brochure, leaflets and website pages for customers and clients.

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Let me know what project you’re working on, who it’s for and what your specific needs are.

I’ll take it from there.

Email: Saadiyaojoma [at] gmail.com